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FileMaker 13 Tech & Design Workshop April 28th

Yann Liqueur-Salzédo of Infografix and Fabrice Nordmann of 1-more-thing will be running a full-day workshop at the Apple Canada offices on April 28th.

I attended Yann’s design workshop last year, and it was full of very useful design philosophy, cool examples of his own work, and interface techniques. This time, Fabrice Nordmann will be joining as co-presenter. It promises to be a very interesting and informative session! Not to be missed if you’re interested in learning the inside info on FileMaker 13.

Click here to view details and sign up. Early bird pricing until April 15, 2014.

Create A FileMaker Progress Tracker

Create a Progress Tracker Using Free Graphics Tools

This post is about the progress tracker design pattern. A progress tracker is a user interface pattern that breaks down a multi-step process into parts in order to simplify it for the user. Buttons are easy to create in FileMaker, but what if you want a custom shape and don’t have Photoshop? Here are step-by-step instructions for how to build one for FileMaker Pro, including hover effects, using the online graphics tool Canva in combination with Preview on the Mac.

Progress Tracker

A progress tracker is a design pattern that helps users navigate through a complex, multi-step process. You’ve probably seen it used in web booking or checkout procedures. A progress tracker tells the user a number of useful things: how long the whole process is, what steps are required to complete it, where they currently are, and what is still left to fill in.

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5 Ways to Create a Polished Solution

There are some details that, if left unattended, can detract from a good user experience. Learn about some things you can do to make your solution look more polished and professional.

What makes the difference between a good solution and a great one? Cool fonts, beautifully-rendered icons, and the latest new interface techniques? Those can make your app look cool, for sure. But I’d venture to say that…drumroll please…Consistency and attention to detail are even more important than nice graphics.

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Welcome to the World of Designing FileMaker

Developing an effective FileMaker solution can be challenging. It calls for technical knowledge of the FileMaker platform, communication skills to draw out effective requirements from the client, and the ability to organize all the project information into an understandable and easy-to-use finished product.

Nowadays, users expect to be not only satisfied, but delighted by the tools they use. Design affects not only the visual styling of a solution (the thing we might associate most with the term “design”), but every aspect of its creation, from first idea to final conception. As a FileMaker developer, I’m always learning about design not only so that my final solution will look good, but to help me build the right product for the right user, right from the start.

I believe that you can improve your design know-how and build better FileMaker solutions, even if you don’t consider yourself the “creative type.” Having great design skills will help you synthesize all aspects of a project, every step of the way.

This site aims to be a resource to help developers learn about design, improve their knowledge of design, and keep abreast of new trends both in FileMaker and in the wider world. We hope you’ll find it useful!

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