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Learn to create exceptional UI/UX design for Claris FileMaker that delights and amazes users, delivers exceptional value, and turns your development clients into loyal fans.

Alexis Allen Headshot

Alexis Allen Headshot

You don’t need to be a creative genius to become good at UI/UX design.

In fact, the more you use UI patterns that users are familiar with, the more likely they are to describe your app as intuitive!

The UX Design Workshop

How to go from developer to design engineer — in 8 weeks!

The truth is, the success of any app doesn’t depend on developing cutting-edge features, or coming up with funky colour combinations.

In reality, it’s all about meeting user expectations—full stop.

Instead of trying to be unique and creative, it’s much more important to understand the user, and to engineer practical, effective workflows designed to help them achieve their goals.

The UX Design Workshop provides you with a proven, step-by-step framework to do just that. 

It covers all the basics you need to create a solid foundation for your next awesome FileMaker app, so you can go from “developer” to “design engineer” in just 8 weeks.

This course was the perfect mix of fun and informative, I most certainly got a lot from it. I think it would be beneficial to any developer looking for a fresh approach to problem-solving and ways of designing solutions around your client's workflows.

Orlando Pellicano ● Data Ops

The solid focus on user stories and acceptance criteria deepened my appreciation of the benefits from careful design planning. While we had always paid attention to this area, Alexis raised our understanding and skills to a new level. This will lead to better results for clients from the outset.

John Mathewson Kyo Logic

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