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Discover the designer in you.

I help FileMaker developers discover their inner designer.

You probably know that good design is key to communicating clearly with users, helping them understand exactly what steps to take to reach their goals.

You may also know that good design is a good investment, saving both time and energy—and leading to increased productivity and lower stress.

You may even know that creating good designs can generate repeat business for you as a developer, from satisfied clients who want more of that productivity, and less of that stress!

But do you know how to create a good design yourself?

You are already a designer.

I’ll bet you already intuitively know a good design when you see it, although you may not be able to explain exactly why. 

That means that you already have an internal understanding of design, but what you need is someone who can point out the important parts of design for you, and guide you through the process.

That’s how I can help.

Over the last 20+ years as a FileMaker developer, I’ve worked with a wide variety of companies and different types of users. As a UI/UX specialist for FileMaker, I’ve built numerous designs to do various tasks. I’ve encountered a lot of design problems, but have always managed to find a solution!

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I created FM Design University to help you learn how to communicate more clearly with your users and save them time and energy. And I’d like to help you get that repeat business from satisfied clients. 

In fact, I’d like to help you design better, by discovering your inner designer.

Because to create a design users will love, preparation is key. The magic doesn’t just happen by itself! 

Learn about good design, create good design.

Think about it. How many hours did you spend researching entities, relationships, tables, scripts, and calculations, when you first started learning FileMaker? I’m guessing it was quite a lot!

Design is not much different. Like a good data architecture, a good design is the product of all the groundwork and preparation that goes into it.  

And once you know the steps to follow, it gets much easier. You’ll be able to reproduce the steps (and get faster at it), each time you have a new project.

That’s why I created my course, The Workflow Design Workshop.

Built for intermediate to experienced FileMaker developers, it takes you through the design process—all the way from explaining important visual design concepts, through gathering requirements and writing user stories, to determining the structure and sketching your first designs.

So if you’re ready to discover your inner designer, then what are you waiting for? Your design journey starts now!

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