A clean, modern UI for your next FileMaker app

The Confident Theme is a professionally-designed FileMaker theme for anyone who wants to jump-start the UI/UX design of their next app.

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Start building a modern, up-to-date UI in minutes—even if you’re not the “creative” type

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Eliminate the dreaded “blank page syndrome”!

Many FileMaker app developers struggle with UI design.
The Confident Theme is a FileMaker template file containing a comprehensive custom theme.
It reduces the time and effort involved in designing an app from scratch, and empowers you to create a professional-looking UI in a fraction of the time.

With The Confident Theme, you get all this and more:

  • A completely unlocked FileMaker theme file equipped with a professionally-designed theme
  • Save hours of time designing your next FileMaker app
  • No need to wrestle with colour combinations or font choices.
  • Use The Confident Theme as your base file, or import the theme into your own file
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Your FileMaker theme made simple

I get it—UI design is hard. There are so many decisions to make, so many colours to choose from, and so many button states to set! It can be time-consuming, even when you have strong design skills.

But what if you could start with a professionally-designed template file—complete with a pre-formatted, coordinated theme, ready for you to use?

I created The Confident Theme because I heard from developers again and again about how challenging it is to build a new UI design from scratch. 

I wanted more people to be able to leverage the power of great design—without having to grapple with a gajillion design decisions. In other words, I wanted it to be your FileMaker theme—made simple.


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Built for you by a UI/UX specialist

Hi there, I'm Alexis Allen, and I specialize in UI/UX  design for FileMaker apps.

 I’m a developer and designer based in Toronto, Canada, with over 25 years of experience creating apps for the FileMaker platform. I’ve given numerous presentations at FileMaker conferences around the world on the topic of UI/UX design.

In addition to creating amazing UI designs for my own clients, I also help other developers (like you!) create clean, simple, and visually-pleasing apps their clients will love.

So, knowing that there are so many FileMaker developers out there in need of help with UI design…

I asked myself this question:

Alexis Headshot

Hi! I'm Alexis

How can I help people create great-looking FileMaker apps quickly, so they can leverage the power of effective UI design—

even if they don’t have a lot of design skill (yet)?

The FileMaker theme for developers

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The answer was...drumroll please!...The Confident Theme!

The Confident Theme is an uncluttered, modern, colour-coordinated theme with dozens of object styles. At heart, it’s just a regular FileMaker file that anyone can use as the basis for their next FileMaker app. (Or, the file’s theme can simply be imported into any other FileMaker file.)

As a developer myself, I know it can be easier to start with a template that already works and adapt it to your needs, rather than starting with a blank page staring you in the face.

Using a pre-built template file saves precious time, because a lot of the work has already been done for you. It also showcases the best practices you can use to manage your theme going forward (because, let’s face it—managing a theme can be a job in itself).

But not just a FileMaker theme

While The Confident Theme is primarily meant as a FileMaker theme you can use in any FileMaker file of your choice, it’s not only a collection of objects with styles applied. 

It’s a  FileMaker template file in the form of a full-fledged (albeit small) app as well. I’ve often said that you can’t really separate design and structure, and this is a case in point. It’s easier to demonstrate how to use the theme when you can see the actual screens with the components on them, rather than when the objects are divorced from context and placed on a “demo” layout.

A bonus to this app structure is that you get all the layouts, tables, and scripts for free! Of course, I’ve created everything using the best practices I follow every day (think naming conventions, script structure, and relationship graph organization).

HOnza Testimonial Headshot

HOnza Kudelka, 24U Software

I explored The Confident Theme as an example to test and demonstrate the impact of calculations on database performance. I’m amazed at how many careful design considerations, patterns and smart user interaction techniques Alexis was able to compact into such a simple theme and example.

Just by exploring it and thinking about why this and that is done exactly the way it is done, even an experienced FileMaker developer can still learn a lot of new stuff.

Inside the Confident Theme

Browsing records

  • Clean, modern design
  • Familiar form and list layout structure
  • Works with a hidden status toolbar
  • Custom record navigation widget

Editing records

  • Edit-in-card model
  • Create records from any context
  • Validate conditions before saving a record—all in one place!
  • Revert changes using Open/Commit Transaction script steps
  • Initiate add/edit related record from card with callback

Finding records

  • Quick-find layout search widget
  • Customized Find mode

Design patterns

  • Type-ahead value list search and select
  • Centralized, data-driven lookup table menu
  • Move up/move down in list
  • Centralized Settings table
  • Dynamic sort column headers in list view
  • Show/Hide record metadata panel
  • Custom checkboxes

And much more...

  • Dozens of coordinated styles
  • Hundreds of design decisions made for you
  • Tidy relationship graph using the
    anchor-buoy model
  • Well-organized layout folders
  • Modularized, workflow-based script templates using the Single-Pass Loop method


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Who is The Confident Theme for?

New to FileMaker

When you’re new to FileMaker, the possibilities can seem endless! (Maybe a little too endless?) If you don’t have a lot of FileMaker experience and you’re looking for a solid starting point, The Confident Theme could be just the helping hand you need!

Experienced developers

Perhaps you’ve been developing FileMaker apps for years, but would love a fresh perspective and some new ideas. Try out The Confident Theme and see where it can take you!

Lauren P Headshot

Lauren Purcell, In-House Developer

I’m really enjoying The Confident Theme. It’s great to see good design in Claris FileMaker. And it’s a huge shortcut in development to have beautiful layouts that you can copy and modify the content.

Lauren Purcell, In-house developer

How can I use The Confident Theme?

Learn new tricks

After you click around to see how it works, take a quick peek behind the scenes. Check out how the Relationship Graph, Script Workspace, and Layout Manager are organized. Poke around the layouts in Layout Mode and dive deep into scripts to explore how the UI components are built. Use that knowledge and inspiration (or copy/paste it) when you build your next app.

Jump-start a new app

Use The Confident Theme file as the starting point for your next UI design. Change the table names and references, or create new tables, fields, and relationships. Integrate new elements into the UI by duplicating layouts and scripts, and repointing layout objects to the new schema.

Renovate an existing app

Assuming you have an already-existing app you think could work with The Confident Theme, import the theme into your own FileMaker file. You can also copy/paste objects from The Confident Theme file into new or existing layouts in your own file, or you can restyle existing layouts using The Confident Theme styles.

Use the styles

While I designed The Confident Theme to serve as your solid starting point, it doesn’t contain every possible UI component you’re likely to need for all time. I tried to include a solid amount of useful content, but there’s just no way to build absolutely everything. That said, the layout design is set up so that you can easily adapt the styles to new use cases. Maintain consistency and integrate seamlessly by using the same dimensions and object styles in your new layouts as the ones provided with The Confident Theme.

Confident FileMaker Theme iPad Top View

With all-FileMaker-native functions, hundreds of design decisions made for you, and many other usability enhancements you can copy, you can count on The Confident Theme to power-up the UI design of your next great FileMaker app.


Now only $67

Lock in this low introductory price today.

Just Imagine...

  • Eliminating the stress of starting a new UI with a completely blank page…
  • Avoiding the overwhelm caused by ALL the colour choices, because they’ve been pre-selected and coordinated for you…
  • Creating a clean, up-to-date UI your clients will love, but investing a fraction of the time…
Javier Dura Headshot

Javier Durá, Afterdata

The Confident Theme is a great product! You can start your FileMaker solution right away using a user-friendly theme.

This theme brings great value from a UI/UX standpoint.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a copy of FileMaker to use The Confident Theme?

Yes, The Confident Theme is a regular .fmp12 file, so you’ll need a copy of FileMaker Pro to open and use it. 


Is it a theme, a file, or an app?

The answer is, “All of the above.” It’s a theme that lives inside of a FileMaker template file. That file has been designed as a simple invoicing app so that you can really see how to use the theme’s objects, styles and components.


What version of FileMaker do I need?

The Confident Theme can be opened by version 18 of FileMaker Pro or later. That said, some scripts use the Open/Close Transaction script steps, so you’ll need at least FileMaker Pro 19.6.1 if you want to use  those scripts. (The file is still very useful, even without them.)


When do I get access?

Once you purchase The Confident Theme, you’ll get an email with download instructions, and you can access it right away.


Can I buy this, try this, then ask for a refund?

No. Because it’s an instant download that’s completely unlocked, we can’t offer refunds on purchases of The Confident Theme.

John Renfrew Headshot

John Renfrew, attitude

The Confident Theme shows off how to properly use a theme across a whole file, great file to show a customer/ junior developer.

Oh, and I love the fact that it’s not blue!

Grab The Confident Theme today...


Now only $67

Lock in this low introductory price today.

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