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The PPP Design Handbook

The PPP Design Handbook

Reader David Schellenberg (thanks David!) sent The Pixel Perfect Precision Handbook my way a while ago. It’s a great primer on the major design concepts with a focus on mobile app and web development from design studio ustwo.

It shows you what to do, but also examples of what to avoid (“naughty” and “nice”). There are clear definitions and examples of common design terms. It’s comprehensive but brief, giving a good overview of many concepts along with examples illustrating the point. It’s aimed at app/web developers but the design concepts covered in the first 80 or so pages are very solid.

It presumes you’re the “designer” who’s going to hand off the project to the “developer.” However, the text might actually help FileMaker devs (who often “do it all”) to understand the role of designer better, by seeing how design is treated on projects where separate people fill those roles.

There are concise but detailed explanations of concepts like navigation, interaction, error prevention, and feedback. The second section deals heavily with Photoshop and a bit with Illustrator, which might not be as relevant for a lot of FileMaker developers, but if you do work in those programs, there is a lot of detailed information there too.

Colourful and appealing, it’s a great reference for anyone interested in digital design.

Click here to view or download.


Alexis Allen

I'm a certified FileMaker developer based in Toronto with over 20 years of experience. I've designed solutions for desktop publishing, signmaking, packaging design, marketing and advertising. I have presented several times at the FileMaker Developer's Conference in the US on the topic of design. As a lifelong student, I enjoy all creative pursuits.

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